How long…

How long are going to stay angry

You get up in the morning

pissed at the world; you frown

at the flowers and get wild at the



Been reading too long,

too many books,

too much desperation

too many poets


CRAZY as a Hurricane.


Going to lay down with Buddha

Going to make love to Jesus

Going to dance with Rumi


Its a fact , anger gives you

cancer, makes you a twisted sister.


Tired I stand at the shore of your

wild cunt ready to drown.



Born to fuck

I kept talking about love

but she talked of Henry Miller,

The Song of Songs, and the

Marquis de Sade

still I kept talking about

love but she talked of

erotica but I kept talking

about love, she was Mexican,

a Cundera, a healer,

she said , you should

take the Mother ayahuasca ,

it will help you

but I kept talking about

love and that scared her,

in reality I didn’t want love,

I wanted her cunt, and I

realised I was born to fuck,

just like her.

If I was..

If I was Neruda

I would eat your sweet rose


If I was Borges

I would paint your imagination


If I was Lorca

I would celebrate your body


But I am non of these

just a simple poet


who dreams of a girl

in a distant land


where eagles fly over the Yucatan,

and ayahuasca is swallowed in Iquitos,


looking for that perfect Yage,

the perfect Blake to enter

your doors.


A dangerous pleasure

there is something dangerous

in the stranger staring at you

a particular type of excitement

floods your erotic zones

a dangerous pleasure

makes you swoon as the

train pulls into the station….