following desire

I left my room for a hermitage

at the foot of the Snowy

A friend once said going to

the country won’t change things

everywhere you go

you take yourself

past histories-


pubescent youth

climbing & falling

the ladder

discovering desire

go moan-go moan alone

alcohol,  dope and sex

Yeah desire

suck that desire right

down to the marrow

until its in every cell

drown in it ,

read Kerouac,

Ginsburg, Burroughs

those paragons of virtue

go down Bohemia

go down hipsters

go down till

you hit the bottom

and here in my

hermitage I have

heavenly Buddha books,

and Thomas Merton,

Dharma Bum Jack

Mountains and Rivers Gary

only me and a few books

no booze because I’m

miles from any pub,

no distractions

because miles from

any girls

Only temptation my mind

and that’s pretty big

but I look and see

crazy Vincent lost in

Arles and all you can

say is

how fucking crazy is




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