Thirty -six

I never needed Yage or other visionary implements to get me to Blake.

Dunno why things kept happening, everything rolls along.

You work, drink, and fuck just like everyone else,

and return back to your working class roots of tough boy town,

and suddenly you turn thirty six.

You celebrate your birthday with a restrained gusto

because you know in the morning you gotta work.

So you wake up around the watchman’s hour.

Well I thought I woke up, maybe I was still sleeping,

but I thought I went outside to the crapper for a dump.

Anyway as I said, no Yage, LSD, San Pedro or any of that shit,

no cool dope to excite the mind, instead I used beer, and a few

glasses of port to excite my altered state arousal.

So there I was contemplating the world

and there I heard a sound so weird,

a sound beyond description like the first OM,

primordial, was I to become another William Hurt and

disappear into my own cloud or become

Cro magnum man lost in a zoo.

I checked for any change in my hair and muscle,

all seemed in order, and no I wasn’t at the zoo,

I was still sitting on the toilet.

And you think Jesus died around this age, and Buddha

gained enlightenment around this age, and there I am,

sitting on the crapper listening to GOD.

And what about Blake what was his chosen drug of choice,

or perhaps he was a touch mad or perhaps he was more

normal than all of us.  I wonder if he was 36

when he wrote ‘To see a world in a grain of sand’………




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