4 thoughts on “San Pedro

    1. yeah…but so far have not had the courage to take it, you see i had a heart attack, but yes i know a medicine woman , and if it wasn’t for this nagging fear i’d take it, i mean the medicine of course. You?


      1. Nope, not yet. I don’t think I can get a hold of San Pedro cactus here. I’d love to if given a chance, but I wanna do it in Machu Picchu, right there in the middle of the Inca Site. Ok, I’m dreaming now haha..


      2. you know, i was offered to go down this road, by someone who may or may not be a shaman, as i understand it, the medicine goes for 12 hours, and it is spiritual in every sense but it must and must only be taken in that light with the ‘right intention ‘ otherwise it could be a bad trip, in my case i would have been supported but i had a serious heart attack that makes feel a little squeamish , maybe next year after my Tibetan Buddhist experience, and the more I know, I may take it…yeah

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