Tripping to Earth’s sounds and wonder

I have glimpsed eternity and felt its silent roar.


I have heard a tree sing on my evening

stroll downtown.


I have felt the invisible hand of a child

touch my crazy wanderlust soul.


I have smelled death in the living on the hair of

my Benedictus girl.


I have placed a candle via an old Babushka’s

hand as the Berlin Wall fell down.


I have heard the call to prayer from a

haunted desert crying while my mother lay

slowly dying.


I have felt the whisper in my ear, ‘don’t worry’,

while around me War.


I have danced in Zikr chanting Allah Hu as the

waves crashed wild on the sundown shore.


I have chanted the psalms before the frosted



I have seen a Buddhist monk bow in blessing

on a calm summers day and felt the rage of

God humble and break me yet more.



I move more slowly to catch these

precious calls.

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