The amazing General Singh

If a name means anything then I’ve met and drank with some of

the most famous and infamous persons in the world.

In India anything is possible as the bizarre is just another day.

At a bar in South India with pictures on

the wall of Clint Eastwood in ‘A fistful of dollars’ I sat watching the cricket.

At one point I asked the young barman his name.

The young man without a glint of a smile

told me

‘My name is Joseph Stalin, and I’m studying economics’.

The fact his name was Stalin was bad enough but The real kicker was that he was studying


If life is not absurd then I’ll eat my Lonely Planet.

In India I have met Agatha Christie

and lived with Ashoka and got drunk with

Eric Newby’s taxi driver the amazing General Singh.

And we pompous Europeans take ourselves so seriously, the joke friends is on us.

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