Screaming night blues & Bob Dylan

I am standing here crying under the full moon. Every night seems a little longer than the last. And

you, you’re off fucking somebody else. We dragged it out under a cold bridge in winter. Train tracks

of misery…….just roll on by

You looked so foxy in that fake fur coat

and you wrote me long mystical letters of love

You told me of your visions, and that husband of yours

who beat you bad and stuck a gun in your mouth

and you wanted all of me even my friends.

Every waking moment I was yours

then I fled to the mountains, a storm brewing, and the man on the hill

got pissed on altar wine again, you screaming at me I screaming at you.

Wind blowing blues.

Nights blackest night.

And not long after…fuck not long after I heard you were screwing another man.

I’m punching these keys, and my angers on the rise

Dylan’s on the wail

I don’t need no prayers

I don’t need no meditation

I don’t need no spiritual confirmation

All I need is to kiss your sweet sunflower and drink that honey from your well.

from ‘Drinking wine under the moon’ published by Ten pages press 2011.

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