I walk through streets of light and

greet people Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,

on my blog world Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,

my poet warriors from Bukowski to Blake and Whitman

Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,

Poet warriors for my angry, resentful,

lustful, alcoholic, drug hazed friends,

Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,

Poet warriors for all my peace and hate,

love, greed, sadness, madness,

Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,

for  all my lust angels, deviants,

S& M Souls, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha,

for the death and birth walkers,

for the politico and psycho/spiritual,

for the darers and seekers of unknown worlds,

for the medicated, for the drink related,

for the Christian fundamentalist

versus the Muslim fundamentalist,

for the homeless and Wall Street greed freaks,

for the status quo and hoodoo gurus,

and if one laid down dear poets on the earth

with your ear to its heart you would

hear Buddha, Buddha, Buddha

and you would smile, and the world

would smile and Space & God angels

everything would smile and all that would

be left is LAUGHTER one big funny Chaplin

baring his arse to the WORLD.

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