hanshan translated by red pine

Wurusi with Five Breasts Mountain behind

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One Tiny Hut
Hanshan Deqing 1564-1623

The shade of noble trees spreads in all directions
below the trees a tiny hut is perfectly secluded
beyond the sound of cart or horse or sign of human tracks
all day behind my door I sit alone cross-legged

Yī Xiǎolú
Sì yuán jiā shù yǐng fúshū
Shù xià shēn cāng yī xiǎo lú
Chēmǎ bù wén rénjì duàn
Bìmén cháng yuē dú jiāfū

Translator: Red Pine-Bill Porter 赤松
This translation from the anthology of Chinese monk poets, The Clouds Should Know Me By Know, edited by Red Pine and Mike O’Connor, published by Wisdom Press.

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