woke up in a bad mood

Melancholia my drink and evening meal Melancholia my dance and rhumba by the sea Melancholia my birdsong and melancholia my tree Melancholia my sky and earth my night & my day Melancholia my Mirtazapine heaven helping me Through my sedated life as War and Hate rage Around me as apathy is scrawled on a footpath With the question: Are you afraid of apathy enough? Melancholia my blow job when blue Melancholia my Facebook horror
Melancholia my clown dream Antarctic vision
Of a billion whales humping in the sea
While my tiny street sleeps
Melancholia my bit of Tom Waits to cruise
Through the wild streets of light that I crave Melancholia my time for my fairies to come
Out from under their rocks
Melancholia my drink; my darling

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