Going nowhere….

Off the coast of Japan a monastery stood

When time came for the monks to meditate

A giant bell would strike


People in the fishing village not far from the island

Heard it and they were glad.


Suddenly a huge earthquake erupted sending the

Island to the bottom of the ocean.


People in the village were sad.


Then one day around sun-up

Boom! The bell came crashing like waves

Across their tiny village


And all the people smiled


One day a young Buddhist monk in Tokyo

Heard about this miracle so he went in search

Of this wonder.


He would sit down in deep meditation for hours

But nothing happened


This went on for weeks




So he gave up thinking it was all a ruse

By the fisher folk to get people to come to their village.



So the day of his departure he sat down by the waters edge

And looked out where the monastery once was




Giving up the idea of getting anywhere

Gets you everywhere…



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