this isn’t angry enough!!

What do you stand for?

Is it to sit cool drinking café lattes?

Wearing your customary black

Driving your SAAB

Signing this petition

That petition

Being a Buddha for a day

Feeling like Gandhi

Wearing Blues Brother glasses

Being an outsider/a bohemian

Letting everyone know your

Famous quoting or mis-quoting

Rumi or Kerouac

Getting stoned with Rasta hair

Or orange for that matter

Reading the latest hip

Literature laughing out loud

At something inane

While all the while behind

The razor wire eyes look

Out to freedom and their

Only crime is they came

From somewhere else

Afraid of war or persecution,

Or torture or death, or just

Plain old breathing

And they look out

Look out…look out

Look out…look out..

Look out…



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