What’s in a name

I had spent a month living in the ashram

A month living in a tiny hut with spiders,

Bats, cockroaches, grasshoppers, mosquitoes,

And who knows what else,


A month in a hut that was originally designed

To be a toilet, so one of the monks told me,


A month eating rice, morning, day, and night,

A month stumbling through the underbrush at dawn

Regardless of the possibility that the place was crawling

With snakes,


A month of constant prayer and introspection in


Shape manner and form,


A month of heavenly nirvana where all things

Co-existed as if God himself had designed

This place


And well he did,




I needed some respite.

I needed a drink


And I’m not talking water,




Off to town I go in a crazy bus watching Tamil

Movies with people making more noise


In a second than I had experienced in a month.


I wanted to play up so I headed for a hotel

With the wonderful name of


Jenny’s Residence.


Heaven a 4 star reality and it had a bar.


The bar had those Wild West doors you

See in cowboy movies.

Entering I found the bar had

Its walls covered in Clint ‘hang em high’ Eastwood



I was in desperate need of a beer, and the barman

Served me the coldest beer since I left Australia,


Heaven on a stick!


After a while the barman enquired

My good name,


And I said my good name is Ken,

What’s yours?


He was in his mid-twenties,


And with a straight face,


And while the television blared a cricket match,

With Australia playing South Africa, and


With his eyes steady without even a hint of a smile,


He said,


My name is Joseph Stalin

And when I’m not serving beers


I go to university studying economics!


Oh India I love you so…

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