My Aspergers angel

I couldn’t stop crying

Until she was lowered into the grave


And covered by holy dirt,


And then I cried some more,

In fact I wanted to jump into


That black pit and get swallowed by

The earth; funny,


I mean, she wasn’t my type, a

Chubby Christian, mad on God,


But she triggered an emotion

I’ll never forget….


I could smell death on her like

She had doused herself with petrol


It  carried you to the edge

Of time itself;


I called her little Benedictus,


We never even kissed,

She was my Asperger’s angel.


I remember her crawling on her

Hands and knees


To light the holy candle and


I would sit there  smiling smugly,


Yet come her death

I was the broken one


I will never forget that rosella


That flew across my view

During the Mass,



It was like meeting Jesus……….

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