Black & white

I had some friends who were so goddamn crazy,

They kept me sane with their laughter,

Bonnie & Mal saw the world in black

& white. A cat, a dog and a winged magpie,

the only colours of their rainbow.


Mal was an artist, and Bonnie was my teacher.


Mal made the Seven Wonders of the World in plasticine,

And Bonnie, oh man, she was just one big loving piece of

Bubbling flesh..


Every Wednesday night was X-Files night

A curry, some weed, and a magpie called

Cheeky boy, we got spooked watching aliens

Getting fucked by Scully & Mulder


The world was my big crazy carousel


Come time to go to India

My friends payed me homage by having

A curry night….


Mal wore glasses like Mister Magoo, and wore

A fez like Sydney Greenstreet out of Casablanca,

And Bonnie slightly rotund wore a sari with her big

Marty Feldman eyes\  and had the intelligence of an

Albert Einstein.



We laughed a century in that house!


I miss my pals they made me


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