The thing is, I have no agenda.

I am not wheelbarrowing      Christ

To you. These are just my reflections.

Tiny fragments of one man’s life.

You see once I went to the Soviet

Union via the Trans Siberian, and

As an avowed left-winger, I didn’t

Feel I had crossed into Lenin’s

Country until I stood in Red Square

At midnight, and as I stood there I watched the changing

Of the guards outside his tomb. It was bliss on a stick!

I was overwhelmed by it all. Once I went

To Skye in Scotland with two fellow

Travellers. We bought provisions

From Inverness, and we said to ourselves

The first thing we would do, we would sit on the

Beach at Skye, and drink that wine,

Eat that cheese, and watch the sun go down.

So we did. We three sat down on a shaly beach

In late summer, and not one of us spoke for an hour.

It was perfect, it was in short our communion. And even

Afterwards that moment was never spoken of. You see

It was perfect, perfect as a circle. And those other things,

Like Red Square, Skye, living in a rooming house,

Making love, or getting drunk, life is meant to be

one constant Communion. It is not just a mindless trip through

Time. Life is perfect.

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