visions of Kurtz

Pondicherry in late November

Sea and sky has merged into black It’s going to happen

Finally the apocalypse has arrived And I am here to report it

A Shiva shit storm of major proportion

So before the apocalypse I trip the

Lights fantastic down the promenade

My eyes wandering as Frenchy town babes

Wearing designer chic sashay swaying

Their hips in oh so sweet delight

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the city

Pondicherry whores are making love

In the darkness

Nearby a gendarme looks half mad as Billie Holiday sings the blues

I have arrived in Aurobindo’s town feeling

Sort of mystical, visions of a dead man

Haunt my soul holding hands with his black Madonna

I expect visions here

I feel something is going to happen

As my mind feels sort of crazy

In the shower I fell onto my knee

Pain screams through the Aurobindo Guesthouse

I crawl past Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Getting no help from the Gurus my foul mouth

Exploding one expletive after expletive

Into this sacred space

I am hurting inside as well as out

My knee needs love in the dust and shit

My blood clot a state of my humanity

I need the mountain to save me

Arunachala hill of the holy beacon

I have arrived drained walking hobbled

A beggar on a mission another crazy

Looking for God

All around me monkeys look mean as cats piss

I walk through them

I am Kurtz.

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