peace comes by waiting

Mahabalipuram beer in a teapot sand dynasty washed by the sea

Pretty girl sways her hips to a sixties psychedelic rave party going on

Half way point to my ashram-

Long way from Krishnamurti on Adyar wanderings under the banyan tree

Reading freedom from the known

Listening to the Imam’s call to prayer in the dying light

An old woman whispered in my ear-‘can you feel the sacredness here’?

I felt my soul leap/ recognition perhaps?

Shantivanam my forest of peace-

Here in my tiny hut I sit with my creature friends’ fireflies sparkle above

My mosquito net-spiders cling like trapeze artists as

Bats hug the walls

Later I dig a well for Yesudas laughing in the mud and water with

My Yogananda man

In the morning light

Sanyassins arrive by bullock cart wearing their robe of the dead

Peace comes by waiting

I stand by the river smoking under a hundred billion stars

Peace comes by waiting.

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