By the great Ghat

What memory I have of that river

Is lost except an old photo-


Three men stoned on a boat

Watch prayergivers wade

Into the water a gift from Lord Shiva

Himself with hands clasped

Chanting ancient Vedic hymns

To Cosmic cow –


My mind swirling to Vinya sounds

In distant alleyway- a temple


Booming AUM


Sky and river merge into a Monet

Impression or is it Pollock?

Crazy enough to be-


The ferryman smiles at my insanity

As the great Ghat burns day and night

To endless skulls cracked and snapped

While charcoal souls escape into river


History of India here-


The beginning of ancestors

Mother, father, son, daughter and on and on it goes-

My parents too are here; my entire fucking tribe-


Hendrix and his Wild Thing cry the rooftops

Sadhus check out dumb westerners for easy cash

The river is a born again hallelujah while death

Eats my breakfast


On the other side of that river is the past

You know some of us never get over it

Out of it I roll over into deep sleep

Without pain/without memory.

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