Soul of disquiet

Something is wrong here
When I walk in a public space I catch The eye of a person staring at me
As if they know a truth so dark a horror Such agony of night

Often people will say to me
‘You seem familiar haven’t we met’?

It’s happened in San Francisco and in
Places like India where I have been mistaken For a priest

It’s happened here in Melbourne
Someone will say, ‘hey haven’t I seen your Face somewhere’?

It unsettles me making my soul a soul Of disquiet

I wish I could remember My first gaze
My first glance

Even animals know me

I am afraid to look into the eye of a dog Lest they get angry or harbour a magpie’s T error

I fear this dream is becoming true and that
All along I felt I was in the knowledge of my dream And that my dream would keep me safe
Free from some harm’s way but alas I fear
My sleep has come to wake and the horror of whom I see each morning is too vile even for me to

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