Satori night with Thomas Merton

A cliff hanging bus ride to Dharmasala by night

Up the mountain without fear of the abyss my soul

Mind and body unhinged by the unsettling


Tibetans laugh covered by thick winter gear

I have only my South Indian shawl

My limbs are chattering from the cold or is it fear?

Milarepa snores in the back seat

I am with an old man a mystic his eye has that

Far off look as if they are seeing into some

Magic heavenly realm

Buddha baby crying as

We talked about Thomas Merton and how he

Became Zen Merton as well as Christ Merton

We talked about his enlightenment at the foot of

The Buddha and his death that came swift-

Satori and death appropriate one glimpse of

God then gone

My friend has eyes of compassion

I like his soul

In the night we survive by telling stories of India

By morning we arrived in Dharmasala to monks

Playing catch in the snow and all around

The tall pines breathed high

Himachel light!

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