Icons of light

Fetid air with the stench of life

Crackle and pop flesh on a spit

Eyes and nose ears and mouth

Exploding into prayer while her

Holy death song sings Maya


Bone colours the waters soul

While boats glide to the

The further shore chanting



Drone of the sitar stings the air

Cows and people, and dogs everywhere

Creation cloth bursting onto

River-body after body delivered

Into a different water and a different space


Salvation history


Galilee and Ganges the same thing

Always drinking its sacred time

Of the God/Goddess-




Butter lamps light the yogic night as

Thunderstorms hit while a girl

Talks to me of erotic Khajuraho




Life such a sham

An adventure of quiet desperation

Into kaleidoscopes of jumping sutras

Extolling the virtues Of tantric gymnastics


No visions of home do I know.

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