All aboard!

I too am old and feeling the pinch

Tyres of flab hang ungraciously

My fantasies are old memories

Of moments when I felt real and alive


I too feel the pain of loneliness

With desires and needs just like you

A carnal night in autumn a dangerous

Proposition I ripped off her shirt to devour

Her wild young breasts

I touched her wild young moan


I too am human don’t you see

And now my friend is dying of cancer

Withering away to a shell to the paleness

Of truth as I sleep on his bed while

He attempts to sleep on a chair


But I don’t sleep because I hear his moan

Of pain and they are not the moans

Of erotic torture




His moan is a runaway train of death

Can death be erotic?




Though for my friend a roomer

His savage dying his organs

Collapsing piranha like his face

An eaten skull


This land I knew voracious its appetites

Country of brag country of alcohol

Country of blood oh libidinous scream


Swagman of our neon streets

A wasteland with a smile and a dare

His cold grey city dying

There he goes shuffling along grey ghost

To be on Separation Street

Death is speaking him with a cigarette

Dangling from his mouth


He a wild angry light


And all along he is one step ahead of

Doctor Death as he says

I’ll take you to Western Australia

Maybe we’ll head to Broome’




We’ll punch those stars right out of

The fucking sky and get drunk on old

Jack Daniels and say yeah

What a ride we had


I really stuck it up them didn’t I?


You sure did old friend old pal of mine

You were a real soldier tough as iron


I’ve seen plenty of death

Coffee granules spluttering up from

Demeter’s throat


My mother Jean


I cleaned the spittle from her mouth

Her eyes open in terror

Her body lying naked on a slab

Not even a sheet for her blue body


And the day we went to the cemetery

It rained an October storm

And my friend said

God is crying for your mother


And then you-


A spit in the eye of eternity

This lonely death it ends



I carry him his mouth and eyes

His big old belly and smile

That devilish laugh


Nothing is wasted or lost


There in my hand I hold this shoebox

Filled with ash that was once

A rage of wild winds and sun


And yes I loved him because he reminded

Me of my own savagery my own crying

Monster that stirs my wanderlust soul


But even though I loved my friend

It’s a woman’s touch I want

I miss that velvet kiss on my lips

The sweet balm of a woman’s skin

The take me whisper in the ear

To be inside a woman’s flesh

To explode your white hot jazz Into her scented room

To feel the juice of life

The electricity of being

Every hair bristling with excitement

To feel alive oh God


That’s what I wanted


I always wanted

I always wanted

To be loved.

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